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Digital Globe Solutions, a company formed and registered in England and Wales under company number 13103925 and with its registered office address 160 Kemp House, City Road, London, EC1V2NX, United Kingdom, is the “controller” for the purposes of data protection law. Digital Globe Solutions is the parent company of our brand and online store, Voguish Vibe. (From now on, “Voguish Vibe” or “we” and associated words like “us” and “our” will be used to represent us.)

As the controller, we are in charge of the processing of your personal data. The Information Commissioner’s Office, the UK’s supervisory authority for data protection issues, has us registered as a data controller.


160 Kemp House, City Road, London, EC1V2NX, United Kingdom

What individual information do we gather about you, and how would we gather it

The data gathered by our site predominantly incorporate your own data which you saved or gave us by joining to another record. Individual data is gathered subsequently when you sign in as an enrolled client and complete various exercises through looking for an item or making a request. The data gathered by us incorporates different angles related that may not be restricted to program data, web convention address, working framework, area, and date/time stamp.

Information is gathered for various exercises connected with adding individual data to your record like utilizing an email address while opening your account. Assortment of individual data is likewise connected with your movement including the use of different gadgets like tablets, PCs, or mobile. Individual data you give to our site because of cooperations help in gathering data connected with your name, email address, telephone number, Visa data, postal addresses, item research history, item interest data, and your inclinations about explicit items or administrations. We may likewise keep a record of your exercises and gather data from our present and future merchants

Why we gather individual information and how we manage it

The principle justification for gathering your data is connected with furnishing you with the best administrations. We use your own data to effectively start and complete the request given by you for a particular item. Assortment of individual data additionally incorporates responding to any inquiries concerning the situation with your request with bringing out correspondence through email, postal location, or some other method for cooperation which helps in effectively offering types of assistance in the briefest way. Your own data gathered is connected with handling and sending the right item that has been arranged and conveying them to an exact location as given during the requesting system on our site.

The object is related to gathering your own arrangement is to do explore our presentation standard with creating showcasing advancements. Your own data helps in giving the best client administrations and fostering a benchmark to further develop the general shopping experience important to meet our client assumptions.

Third-Party Sharing

We don’t offer your own data to any outsider with the exception of sharing as indicated by consents given according to regulation. Our sharing approach for your own data likewise is administered by handling provided that the outsider settles on the terms for not uncovering or utilizing your own data other than the reason for business handling exercises. Sharing data is administered by arrangement for outsiders to uncover data in a way that might present security infringement in light of the responsiveness of individual data.

We save the right of sharing your data because of solicitations made by regulation implementation offices for lawful handling inside the restrictions of the law.

Our site might contain links that are worked by outsiders publicizing offices that gather information when you visit our site to offer you advancements later on. The data shared to outsider offices does exclude your own data yet rather your perusing and visiting exercises to furnish you with modified promotions about labor and products that are as per your area of interest.

How we hold your data and keep it secure

We hold your own data for the time frame which we considered sensible for offering vital types of assistance as relevant by agreements inside the law.

We practice suitable measures to guarantee the privacy of your own data to shield them from misfortune or robbery. The security practice is done to forestall any sort of unapproved access, alteration, manufacture, replicating, and revelation of touchy data that might be utilized to recognize any of our clients. Assuming that you complete a buy utilizing your charge card data is put away by utilizing appropriate encryption utilizing secure attachment layer Technology-SSL. Aside from no technique being totally secure, we guarantee adherence to acknowledged secure norms followed at the business level.

Your freedom and how to practice them

We complete accepted procedures to guarantee the assortment and putting away of individual data in an exact and cutting-edge way explicitly for the reasons it is being gathered.

Your freedom is connected with mentioning access or change to your own data by sending us a solicitation structure or submitting direct questions about our strategy work on in regards to your protection.

Assuming that you have consented to the assortment of your data for usage and exposure for recognized terms as referenced above, you can whenever pull out your assent by speaking with our protest division as given.

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