Louis Vuitton Canvas Keepall Bandouliere 45


Product Description

  • Monogram Canvas
  • Natural Cowhide Leather trimmings
  • Cotton Textile Lining
  • Good capacity
  • Cabin size
  • Removable leather name tag
  • Golden color metal pieces
  • Strap:Removable, adjustable
  • Size may differ a little from the original model
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The Most Iconic Louis Vuitton Bag- Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere 45

The Keepall bag was launched back in the 1930s, earning the adoration of buyers for many years to come.

Then it was considered Globe-Trotter and Tien-Tout which in French means “hold all”. It was Gaston Vuitton’s response to the changing travel habits of individuals at the time. As a consequence, it became a flash hit and got iconic immediately.

Initially, it was created from cotton canvas and could be tucked, but then in the 1960s, the Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere got the formation we are used to – created from Monogram canvas.

Dependable, sleek, and very comfy – this expedition bag from Louis Vuitton is an ideal partner for a journey of any distance and length. Suitable for travelling – it lets you be stylish in any circumstances. This is one of the most antique Louis Vuitton bags, a timeless masterpiece, buy Keepall buy history.

Lightweight and Roomy, The LV Keepall Bandouliere 45

The LV Keepall is the only path to travel in fashion, its timeless silhouette and traditional Monogram canvas are as pristine today as they have ever been.

measuring 17.7 x 10.6 x 7.9 inches(Length x Height x Width), the LV Keepall with Monogram Canvas is made of Natural Cowhide Leather trimmings and Cotton Textile Lining with a good capacity and a great cabin size, it has a removable leather name tag so that you never lose it, it also has lustrous golden color metal pieces with an adjustable removable strap that enables you to carry it on your shoulder hassle-free and a double handle that lets you hold it in your hands making it a versatile bag. If you are planning a weekend trip then this is the most suitable choice for you.


Beige, Black, Brown


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