Shipping Policy

What is the estimated shipping time for orders? 

Once we receive the order from you, the normal order processing time is 1-2 days. Shipping of orders takes around 10 to 12 days for the region of the UK and USA.

Shipment timings for countries other than the UK and USA will vary depending on the situation provided. If orders are received from European or Asian regions then the shipping days increase depending on unforeseen situations and circumstances like restrictive measures practiced around the globe to contain the covid-19 virus.

Customers will be informed in case of delivery time increases or get delayed depending on unusual reasons as mentioned above.

How much does shipping cost? Do you offer free shipping?

The best part about shopping from Voguish Vibe is that we offer free shipping on all orders in UK and USA. However, to claim free shipping in other regions the minimum order value is £100.

We provide logistics to deliver the product through DHL and FedEx couriers. Our liability is limited to delivering the packages to the Logistics service provider. if the package is lost during the shipment process or seized by the custom, it will not be under our control and provided now our responsibility on us.

The normally defined shipment timing may increase due to delays in processing the order for various reasons like trade restrictions or the item ordered going out of stock. In the current situation, restocking takes a longer time than usual which has a direct influence on the time of delivery.

We also provide express shipping options with an unlimited scope which takes 2 to 3 days. Customers considering express shipment should contact us before placing the order to verify the availability of the item to avoid delay in the delivery.

To ensure smooth delivery of products according to agreed terms, we have assigned a customer care services department that remains in contact with the customers for special cases to prevent any type of loss.

The importance related to the smooth shipment of orders depends on the customer providing us with the right shipping address during the payment process.

During entering the details for shipment, customers should mention the correct contact and email address, to smooth the process related to verifying the order to be delivered accordingly.

Mistakes occur at the customer end, in terms of providing the correct shipping address, the company will not be liable for a refund based on incorrect details provided.

Any order placed by customers is verified by our customer services department for confirmation before processing towards the shipment stage. Orders are delivered through availing services of logistic providing courier companies and are delivered to the postal address provided by the customer.

When that parcel is put into transit for delivery, our service department will notify customers through email visa tracking code to keep up with the tracking of their shipment and the state of the delivery to be monitored as it progresses.

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WhatsApp: +44 744-142-9644

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